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R1500 (per 2 hour session)

Pre-production is where we workshop your song and discuss the direction that you’d like the song to take. We discuss influences, look at references and decide on the instrumentation and arrangement that will best suit your song. Sometimes we start with a basic scratch-demo recording that will guide us in later stages. After this session, you will have an overview of what your song will need and a plan on how best we can achieve it. We will also determine whether you will need to hire session musicians (e.g. string players, session drummer, etc.) to perform on your recordings, which will be at an additional session fee during the recording stage.

Audio Recording, Producing & Programming

R2500 (per 3 hour session)

This is where we spend time creating your music by recording and producing all of the instruments and final audio for your track. It is a very creative and involved part of the process and can last up to four days in total, depending on the genre or complexity of the instrumentation of the music. Here we flesh out all of the parts and lay it down, while striving to capture the sound, tone and emotion from each performance as best we can. This part of the process also includes the time spent after the session editing and refining what was captured during the session.

Audio Mixing (per track): R3500

20% discount for albums

In this stage we take your recording from good to great! Mixing is the creative part of the process where all of the individual elements in a recording is blended and balanced to create the best possible version of a song. The mixing process includes: editing and cleaning of audio; sculpting the sound of each instrument using EQ (equalization), compression, saturation, transient shaping and various other audio processing tools; balancing track levels; placing elements in the stereo field to create a compelling stereo image; adding reverb and other effects to create depth; and various other broad-stroke improvements to create a unified record.

For more info on our mixing services, please visit our MIXING page.

Dolby Atmos Mixing (per track): R3500

20% discount for albums

With our Dolby Atmos mixing service, the integrity of the companion final stereo mix will be maintained. In the majority of cases, it is not necessary to significantly change the tonal character, balance and creative decisions of the original stereo mix. In our opinion, Dolby Atmos mixes sound best when they resemble the stereo mix, but are enhanced, augmented and spatialised to create an immersive listening experience. However, if the client would like their Dolby Atmos mix to be slightly more experimental and creative than the stereo mix, this is by all means possible and welcomed.

For more info on our Dolby Atmos mixing service, please visit our MIXING page.

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